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The Voice of Reason. Or Insanity. Or Fox McCloud. Whatever.

Having exploded into the industry, Joe Zieja made a meteoric rise in a short period of time, and now this fast accelerating VO star works with thousands of clients, in thousands of mediums, all across the world. Most well known in the role of Fox McCloud in STAR FOX ZERO: THE BATTLE BEGINS, Joe is a highly versatile actor who is absolutely devoted to the concept of stories and seeking the core of every one he tells. Whether it be in commercials, promos, animation or gaming, Joe uses his advanced skills and innovative, fresh and relatable voice to boost brands, communicate ideas and entertain with truly unheard of levels of talent and efficiency.

He's also super good at whistling.

Represented by powerhouse agencies all across the United States - including Atlas Talent in Los Angeles - Joe spends a ridiculous amount of time in the booth, spitting all over microphones in his home studio and studios across the greater Los Angeles region. You've heard him on Pandora, Spotify, network and cable television. He's sold you cars, apps and backpacks. He's taught you about your HR system, your healthcare benefits, even Quranic exegeses. Joe Zieja's voice is busy taking you to new places or comfortably back to the familiar. He's talking with you, talking you through or talking you into every area of your life…and for a guy who does it all, there is nothing in this world, or any other, he’d rather do.

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